ISCA Academy

Earl Richards Road South, Exeter, EX2 6AP

Isca Academy is located in EX2 6AP, Exeter, Earl Richards Road South. This exciting area awaits anybody seeking a spacious environment for an expansive slew of activities, for those of all skills and ages. This venue is home to many lively and thrilling opportunities such as indoor and outdoor sports, parties, education and dance and drama.

Our sports hall is fit to accommodate a broad selection of sporting activities with its multiple badminton courts, football markings and cricket lanes. Over 20 rooms are available during the weekend and evenings for studios classroom sessions and important meetings.

Our dance and performance halls are ideal for occasions such as practice classes, dance groups, and performances on a large scale. Our rooms are also available for children’s parties to facilitate their learning, playing and growing together.

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Now taking bookings for our 2G Astro!

1/4 of a Pitch - £20.00

1/2 of a Pitch - £25.00

Full pitch - £50.00

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